What are Giclee Prints?

Maureen and John Toles of Dragonfly Imaging & Printing Expound on the virtues of Giclée Printing

prints are brilliant ARCHIVAL artworks produced through a marriage of
sophisticated modern technology and traditional media
. In the hands
of a skilled and sensitive printmaker using a fine-art inkjet printer
and specialized inks with pigment colour, digitally captured images are
translated onto an almost unlimited choice of substrates. The artist
chooses among canvases, textured and smooth cotton rag watercolour
papers, photographic films and papers, Japanese printmaking paper … the
creative options go on and on.

Those individuals who
are embracing giclée printmaking techniques, also run the gamut from
traditional painters and photographers to artists inventing completely
new forms of art
. Well-known artists are making affordable and
beautiful reproductions of their work available to all of us.
Embellished reproductions further offer an exciting new opportunity to
own affordable artwork that has been creatively personalized by the
original artist. Photographers, freed from the chemical tyranny of
their traditional darkrooms, have more creative space and a healthy and
safe environment to articulate their vision and make prints of their
images in both colour and black and white. Digital artists can now
express and share in a physical form the art that they conceptualize
and create on their monitor.

For some artists, the giclée is just the beginning. Multimedia
originals are the realization of extraordinary combinations of giclée
printmaking and traditional art techniques such as etching, painting,
and collage
. Science and engineering has truly brought novel opportunities to artists and high quality, archival art to the public domain.

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