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When asked why Canadian artists should join this privately held artist cooperative, Nora Camps responds:

  1. In order to sell you work you have to exhibit it beyond shows.
  2. A web site is a necessary part of marketing and showcasing your work.
  3. Building a web site can be a complex and expensive proposition
  4. A web site including Canadian artists and targeting Canadian patrons
    ignites conversations, meetings, and sales. One sale leads to a
    relationship that continues...
  5. Maintenance and publishing fresh content is a full time job - really.
  6. A web site that is a collection of several artists work brings more viewers for all - it is truly symbiotic in nature.
  7. A web site needs constant marketing and promotion to attract the target
    audience beyond one visit and once it has attention it needs to evolve.
  8. $12 per month for a site that actively markets your work is very
    worthwhile when you are selling your work and paying no commissions.

to this that has posters in local restaurants, adsin
local papers, banners on neighboring sites, and mini brochures thatare
so compelling - so truly beautiful, that people have been takingmore
than one - just to have and share!

If you are a fine artist living and working in Canada - we welcome you to JOIN US NOW



join us now for only $12/month