Serge Chriqui

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WorldScapes: Fine Art Photography by Serge Chriqui

I discovered photography at the age of 11 more out of curiosity than anything else, when I found the family's old Yashica - what my father termed 'la camera'. My interest in the medium intensified when my father brought home a new 35mm SLR a few years later. I adopted it as my own right at the onset - to this day that equipment is still in my possession. Most of my earlier photography revolved around the old Ontario Place Forum in Toronto where I would photograph Rock musicians of the day. By my late teens, I realized that photography was a medium for artistic expression. I started concentrating on the beauty surrounding me. I read photography books. I wondered at the mastery of Ansel Adams. Ultimately, photography became a means for documenting my travels. I have had the good fortune to travel over the years: Canada, the USA, Cuba, Mexico, the Dominican, England, Israel, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece thus far... Photography remained a passion for me even as the complexities of adulthood, family and work took their required demands on my life. I was able to use my photographic skills during my lengthy employ in the wood manufacturing industry while living in Vancouver. A number of my images were published in company brochures and catalogues. In late 2003, I moved my family back home to Toronto where I spent the better part of a year searching for my next move... it was time to put my 25 year passion for photography to the test! In late 2004, came the arduous task of editing my images and selecting a few dozen for my first offering at the Distillery District's Artisan Market for the summer of 2005. Having been accepted as a vendor, I sold my frist prints on May 21, 2005. The exercise was repeated in 2006 with a refined offering to greater success. Interspersed during this time, were a number of group shows and I placed my works in a few Toronto area galleries. Not satisfied with the results from the gallery representation, I took my next step further into the art world. In early 2007, I founded Scollard Street Gallery in Yorkville. I now had a permanent home for my work, where I could show it more professionally and in larger sizes. Today, the gallery represents over two dozen artists' works in addition to my own and yes, I do go photographing at every available opportunity. Stay tuned....

Photography has become my life. I shoot. I show. I have a gallery in Yorkville. (As such, all images contained herein are available for viewing/order/purchase at Scollard Street Gallery - 112 Scollard Street in Yorkville Tel: 647.436.9784)