Nora Camps

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I N T E N T I O N - yours and mine: Art is meant to have an immediate effect - good or bad, but hopefully never indifferent. Either the work speaks to you, or it doesn't.Either the art chooses you,or it doesn't. I have been asked many times if painting is relaxing for me. I really can't say it ever has been relaxing,rather - the act of painting is stimulating and energizing.To me each painting is a difficult birth, a translation of an idea or a visual reference,through feelings and attitudes,coloured by energy and brought to fruition -- when the painting is finished,I am usually exhausted,exhausted and peaceful.

Often I am overcome with the need to get an idea out, into the open, so that I can think and work with other ideas. Once the work is started, and the idea liberated it may take months to conclude. Most of my paintings have layers and layers of texture and colour. Photography is more about recording the moment, the rhythm, the patterns, the mood.

Like so many of Nora's commercial artist contemporaries, her formal education was in Fine Art. The sensibility of space, colour and rhythm were key ingredients of her career in graphic design. Twenty years later, Nora works as a Marketing Communications Strategist and Fine Artist - both -- intertwined in experience and output. Nora's fine art has a deeply felt theme of meditation and tranquillity. Nora Camps is the founder and principal of Duo Strategy and Design. [] When asked by a colleague what was Nora's ultimate life goal' Nora replied, 'The road to my vocation is clear. I love helping people achieve great things -- connecting people with ideas and each other, and connecting disparate ideas to produce new realities. Paintings and collections of photographs exemplify the personal side of that reality. The journey is the thing!' More work at