Monique Richard

Telephone: 416-533-8197
I believe that we all are connected through our eyes. Whether we choose to avoid it or not, at any given moment we may be confronted with the gaze of others. This can provoke many feelings – some comforting, some disconcerting, and some even titillating. One is always left with the onus of what to do next - the responsibility of reaction. I admire those brave enough to meet a stare head on, creating an original dialogue. This is the heart of my work: the conflicting vulnerability and fearlessness of the human spirit. Our eyes are windows revealing this tension of the soul. They allow us to connect with strangers, to invite newness, and to create passion through interaction. My paintings demand involvement and attention, challenging the viewer to move past their comfort and their barriers.

Monique Richard is a Toronto based figurative painter with a studio in the heart of Little Italy. Her paintings have been exhibited in solo and group shows throughout Toronto including the Todmorden Mills Gallery, the Wagner Rosenbaum Gallery, Praxis Gallery and most recently Scollard Street Gallery in Yorkville. Her painting entitled "Rose" was selected for show in the Society of Canadian Artists 39th Open National Juried Exhibition at the Papermill Gallery, Todmorden Mills Museum in Toronto. In addition, Ms. Richard has been commissioned by Toronto restaurants Bistro 990 and Le Saint Tropez for murals, promotional materials, and interior design. She has designed wine labels for Lifford Wine Agency of Toronto as well as a book cover illustration for 'Variation's of Eve', an award winning poetry collection. Ms. Richard has also created murals for private homes within the Toronto area. Monique Richard was born in Toronto, Ontario in 1970. Her arts education includes Sheridan College in Oakville, where she majored in Textiles in the School of Crafts and Design program. She has also studied sculpture and printmaking at The Toronto School of Art as well as bronze sculpture at the Central Technical School. More recently her main focus has been the classical training received from The College Street Studio, where she has been a faithful student since 1999.