Art is the language of all time

Visit our last show. From early scratches in caves art has been commenting on our times and leaving a legacy of feelings, attitudes, passions, ideas, stories... Living with the visual arts is as imperative to society as music, literature, dance, film, theatre, love...


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When you see something in the online gallery, contact the artist directly. All work is available for purchase but since the work is original - there is only one chance to acquire a work. Some artists also have giclee's (very high quality reproductions of work). Browse the gallery, take your time and let the work speak to you.

You feel what you see.

You are what you think. You feel what you see. You experience what you already have in your mind.
But why do some works of art produce an uncomfortable sensation...because the idea, the notion, the affinity is not natural or instantaneous to you. Spend some time with the work...see if your mind will open to the possibility – this is exploration of YOU. The trouble is not to get new ideas into your mind, but to get old ideas out...

What kind of art do you gravitate toward, ask yourself why? What would happen if you intellectualized your choices and purposely spent time with work that didn’t appeal to your immediate appraisal. Can the work grow and encompass you... View art. Visit art. Expand your horizons. Live with art. Make art your commentary. Art can be so much more than a pretty picture.

Art is like a love affair. Once you have it in your life you are unwilling to do without.

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"Art is Like a Love Affair"

Art in homes and offices provides a certain energy. Walls assume the
value of windows and doors - paintings and photographs can become
portals through which the viewer can engage, travel, gaze.

Acquire what you love, what speaks to you personally. You and your
partner do not need to love the same work - a space is so much more
interesting when each partner collects work based on their own passion.
This varied approach to collecting creates rich interest in a space and
it ensures that art has not been selected by committee. Art is like a
love affair. Once you have it in your life you are unwilling to do

Living room 1

Lighting not only creates ambiance in a room, it enables your art to be viewed
regardless of the time of day. This ceiling is 20 feet tall. A track
light was suspended from the ceiling to showcase the work.

Living room 2

A picture rail (similar to a chair rail, simply wider) is a wonderful way
to show art in any room in a home or office. Modern metal picture rails
are available in many interior design stores or wooden trim can be
customized to achieve the result illustrated in this dining room.

Living room 3

Work by a variety of artists adds interest to a room. Mixing photography and
painting, with sensitivity, can also have wonderful results. Notice how
the work is presented, two different frames and canvas on a gallery
stretcher - unframed with edges finished.